Bravo Spotlight Video

Miguel Morales' palate is as varied as the Lower East Side neighborhood he grew up in and his ethinic heritage. He comes from very big Jewish and Puerto Rican families: each of his parents being one of ten children. His ability to make people around him happy and his attitude of living life to the fullest has always made him stand out.

Miguel's passion for food began at an early age since great tasting food was abundant and always around him. He would help his mother in the kitchen and made dishes on his own. He knew that he had a knack for cooking and always had a great time but it never crossed his mind that he had a gift that he could share with others. It was especially rewarding when he would get compliments on the dishes he worked on and proudly presented. As much as Miguel feels his food comes from the soul, he also feels that it can soothe one's soul as well. His interest in food continued to grow and led him on a path to The Art Institute of New York, formerly known as The New York Restaurant School.

Miguel's hard work and determination has led him onto many other culinary paths, including the kitchens of Soho Grand, Tribeca Grand, Jean-Georges, and the Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle. He also participated in the Star Chef Cook-Off at the 2006 Food & Wine Celebration at The Chef's Garden in July of 2006. Miguel is most recognized by people for his flavorful food and engaging personality on Bravo's Top Chef. His mushroom dishes will be showcased at the 21st Annual Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square, PA in September 2006.

Most children are told to not play with their food but Miguel does just that. His creativity and desire to be unique results in fun and innovative dishes. He showed the viewers of the Today Show with Ann Curry how to make Monkey Diddy Dogs monkfish corndogs. He flexed his culinary muscles in his earlier days at Asiate to create waffles for their brunch menu: root beer float waffle (root beer waffle topped with ice cream and whipped cream) and chocolate waffles topped with nutella. His deconstructed falafel was highly praised by Tom Colicchio on Top Chef for its flavor. His imaginative food ideas come from a place so deep within his heart that one would have to see and taste some of them to really understand how far his ideas stretch. A twist on a caprese salad is his - Crazy alla Capraze made with mozzerella balls, tomoato marmalade and a basil soup.

Those who meet Miguel for the first time are instantly embraced by his charisma. He speaks to people as if they were friends he's known for years. He is definitely a person you would want to learn to cook from and whose food you would want to eat. He's a loyal friend, sincere and great guy to boot!

"The food I cook for you today is the food you will want to feed your family tonight!!"