Miguel's Recipes

Mushroom Festival 2006

Recipe: Marinated Mushrooms with Frisée and Prosciutto

Recipe: Porcini Tart with Onion and Walnut Spread, Herb Salad

Top Chef, First Season 2005-06


1. Asian Short Ribs and smoked mash potatoes.
2. The Total Orgasm A three way dessert: The hot hot chocolate; Cream puff (tarty titis); Mango pillows (the asian bed).
3. Quickfire Challenge: Braised Octopus grilled Octopus in red wine saute carrots and celery and potato gelate.
Elimination Challenge: Monkey Diddy Dogs Monk Fish Corn Dogs with Spider Chips, Goo gurt and Fruit Skewers team event with Lisa, Steven, Miguel, Candice, Andrea.
4. Quickfire Challenge: Krispy Kream Bread Pudding Gas station Thai Curry Soup with Ham and Egg Krispy Kream Pumpkin Bread Pudding with a Thai Coconut-Chocolate Foam Shot.
Elimination Challenge: Microwave Asian Meat Loaf K.C. Masterpiece - BBQ Turkey Meatloaf with Edamame Mash Potatoes and stirfry Asian Vegetables
5. Open faced Burrito Chicken and lentil burrito.
6. Quickfire Challenge: Antipasta Appetizer For Ted Allen of Asian and Italian Bits.
Elimination Challenge: Potato pancake with smoked bay scallops American Sevruga caviar and creme fraiche
7. Quickfire Challenge: Hold the Bread Tom Grilled vegetables in a Falafel bun
Elimination Challenge: Seared Red Snapper Paella Cake with Roast Fennel and Saffron Broth

Finale with Harold:

Miguel shows you how to make a Thai Coconut Curry Soup! Video.