Fusion cart dish

Indian and Latin Cuisine

Miguel and Andrea

Burrito with Lentils, Garam Masala Chicken with Spanish Yellow Rice

Tamarind Country Lemonade

3 lbs whole chicken (cut down into 8 pieces)

3 Tablaspoons of saffron

6 Packets of sazon seasoning (spanish seasoning)

3 bunches cilantro

1 ea yucca (spanish tuber like a potatoe)

3 ea carrots

2 ea onions

3 Tablespoons garam masala

4 cups brown rice

8 cups water

1 qt. mexican crema (mexican sour cream)

50 flour tortilla

3 lbs tamarind (fresh)

1 lb tamarind sugar drink

3 ea mango (slices)

3 ea lemons (slices)

For the chicken stew

1. Clean chicken and seasoning with salt and pepper and three

packets of sazon

2. Sear chicken in a hot frying pan. and then place aside

3. Add more oil to the pan and cook spices. Then add vegetables.

4. Place the chicken, cilantro, 2 Tablespoons saffron and all the

vegetables in the pot and simmer till chicken is fork tender.

5. When chicken is done, remove from bones

For the spanish rice

1. Rinse the rice about three times.

2. In a large pot, add oil to coat the bottom, add the rice.

3. Then add water, sazon, cilantro and saffron.

4. Bring to a boil and cover until rice is tender.

For the Tamariand Country Lemonade

1. In a large pitcher add tamariand sugar drink and water

2. Then place the fruit and ice in the pitcher and serve chilled.