Ted Allen's Party


Potatoe pancake with smoked bay scallops

American Sevruga caviar and creme fraiche


(Serves 20)


1 lb bay scallop

1 oz American sevruga caviar

8 oz creme fraiche

1 lb potatoes

1 ea onion

3 Tbsp. cornstarch

1 ea. egg

1 bunch chive

1 bag wood chips

oil and salt and pepper as needed



For the scallops


1. Remove the strap or muscle off the scallops .

2. Place wood chip in half hotel pan and on medium heat. Wait until

the chips smoke.

3. When the smoke begins, place scallops in a perforated pan and

put it over the smoke and cover. Let it smoke for about

5 - 6 minutes or until smoke flavor is desired. Chill.

4. Slice scallops.



For Potatoe Pancakes (latkas)


1. Peel and grate potatoes, and onion .

2. Beat eggs and add potatoes, onion , cornstarch, chive, and salt

and pepper to taste.

3. Let mix set and heat oil to 325 and cook cakes.



For Assembling


Start with the cake at the bottom. Shingle the scallop slices on top of the cake and place a dollop of creme fraiche on one side and a dollop of caviar on the other.