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Thai Curry Soup with Ham and Egg

Krispy Kream Pumpkin Bread Pudding with a Thai Coconut -Chocolate Foam Shot



4 ea. pumpkin spice dougnuts (Krispy Kream)

2 eggs

1 pint chocolate milk (Nestles quick)

1 lb ham

1 Package Chinese noodles packed soup

2 Tablespoons curry powder

1 can of coconut drink with pulp

1 pack of orange strips



For the Soup

Boil 3 cups water and place noodles in, add thin slices of ham and curry powder, some of the seasoning pack to taste, that came with the soup. Scramble an egg and cut in thin strips and place in soup.



For the Bread Pudding


4 oz. chocolate milk

4 doughnuts chopped

2 eggs



Mix the top three ingredients and place in oil ramekins, (to prevent sticking). Place the ramekins in a hotel pan and pour hot water in pan. Place in 350 oven for 20 minutes or until done.



For the shot


1 can coconut drink

4 oz. of chocolate milk



Pour drink in shot and then Foam chocolate with a hand blender until foam forms and place on top of drink.


Place 3 orange strips