K.C. Masterpiece - BBQ Turkey Meatloaf with Edamame Mash Potatoes

And Asian Vegetables



(Serves 10 - 16 oz. microwave dishes)


2 lbs. ground Turkey (white meat) (10-3 oz)

3 ea. eggs

2 cups Japanese bread crumbs (panko)

1 bunch cilantro (chopped)

1 lb button mushrooms (Fresh)

1l b shiitakes mushrooms (Fresh)

3 Tbsp. Chinese Five Spice

5 Tbsp. soy sauce

5 Tbsp. yuzu juice

cup K.C. Masterpiece BBQ sauce (original)

4 cloves garlic (Mince)

3 ea. shallots (Mince)

4 ea. scallions (sliced)


3 lbs. potatoes (Yukon)

1 lb. butter

1 pt. Heavy Cream

2 lbs. edamame (Japanese soy beans)


2 lbs. napa cabbage ( Chinese cabbage) (cut in quarters then slice 1/4 thick each quarter)

2 ea. carrots (cut on a bias)

3 stalks celery (cut on a bias)

1/2 lb bean sprouts

1/2 lb pea shoots

3 cloves garlic (mince)

6 Tbsp. soy sauce

3 Tbsp. yuzu juice

2 Tbsp. ginger (Fresh) (mince)

Salt & Pepper



For the Meatloaf


1. Mix the first twelve ingredients

2. Make a small patty, cook it in a little oil and check for seasoning.

3. If seasonings are fine, make 3 oz balls first and then shape into squares.

4. Pan sear the squares and place in oven (30 minutes and turn

every 10 minutes)






For the Potatoes


1. Peel and place potatoes in a medium pot in salted water.

2. When potatoes fork tender, drain and put potatoes in ricer.

3. Heat cream and add to potatoes. Then add butter.

4. Add edamame and salt and pepper (do not over mix)



For the Vegetables


1. Heat wok or saute pan. Place vegetable oil, add ginger ( once you smell the ginger),

add the carrots and celery quickly

2. Add all vegetables and seasoning and check for correct seasoning.