Tom's Sandwich



Grilled vegetables in a Falafel bun (sandwiched)




8 oz chickpeas (canned)

2 ea. eggs

cup bread crumbs

fresh herbs


1 ea. zucchini

1 ea. yellow squash

3 slices of pickle pears

1 ea. portobello mushroom

4 Tbsp. alfalfa sprouts


3 Tbsp. of hummus (ready made)



For the Falafel Bun


1.    In the food processor, place the first four ingredients. Blend.

2.    Shape into patties and fry in 375 oil.

3.    Taste for salt and pepper



For the grill vegetables


1. Thinly slice the squashes vertically and add oil, salt, and pepper,

2. Slice mushrooms thick.

3. Place the vegetables on grill and cook very quickly.



For Assefmbling


Place 1 falafel patty at the bottom. Place the vegetables in the center. Add some of the hummus on top with alfalfa sprouts. Place another falafel patty on top.